The SAY YES TO PYRO-movement started in the summer of 2017 when a group of guys from all over Europe met with each other. Soon they bonded on one topic: Pyro. As you might know, once upon a time it was pretty easy to get good quality smokes and flares, but over the last few years we heard more and more about ordinary people searching for high quality stuff. Where to get it? How to get it safe? To be honest; nobody could do it. So early 2020 we had another sit down and we decided it was up to us to be the light in a dark place. We started off searching for suppliers and for good partners. We dove into the books and found a way to ship items between one another. The Say Yes To Pyro movement was born: All over Europe we could send and supply within 1-4 days to our friends. When we learned the trick it was a challenge taking it to the next level. So we did.

We contacted several groups if they where interested in high-quality emergency flares and the rest is becoming history. We bulked up as a group and are starting to expand our movement. We will see where live will bring us, we would love for you to be part of our movement. It’s up to us to make it as simple for you as humanly possible.

Then in the summer of 2020 something unexpected happened. Our movement-leader “Mr. X” got into contact with two particular strange individuals who got fired from their last jobs. They told him they have very good contacts and that they wanted to better their lives, make up for all the mistakes they made and they would be willing to do anything to help the community. So the movement adopted these two figures Mr. Platini & Mr. Blatter to create something new: A webshop where we could lower the bar so low for people to join our movement that it will be as easy as taking a dump to #sayyestopyro. Mr. X now uses these guys as his bitches, they will pack your boxes until the day comes that there repentance is accepted.

So now it’s clear to you: We will do our part, the rest is up to you. So the only question remains: Do You #SAYYESTOPYRO ?
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