Flare Mr. Light 2

This is the cheapest flare with professional grade material money can buy. The flare burns for approx. 60 seconds. This type of flare is produced for use on land and therefor is made from tight carton with a plastic handle. We have selected this product for you because it has an excellent price/quality ratio. The flare burns with an extremely bright flare of 8.000 candela. The flame has a bright colour, depending on the colour you selected. As a bonus, every flare also puts out a large volume of white smoke. The combination of coloured-light / white smoke makes for an amazing sight.
This product is produced with eye for quality in Europe (CE stamped). Which means this product is legal to own and carry with you in every country of the EU. It’s produced with the easy to use rub ignitor. One of the best qualities of this flare is that the plastic handle and the flare come apart. This makes it extremely small for you to put in your pocket or bag and take it anywhere you need. However: Be aware: Don’t use without plastic handle!
Available colours: Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue
Burning time: +/- 60 seconds


Top Produkt!

Top Produkt! Wir haben unsere Gruppe in Deutschland auf die Karte gesetzt! Das einzig schwierige ist die Zündung, der Bügelkopf ist einfach zu bedienen, aber manchmal versuchen Sie es ein paar Mal erneut :-(


Dresden sagt ja zu Pyro

Super schnelle Lieferung nach Dresden. Wir hatten eine fantastische Pyro-Action!


Kein Ultra-Shop mehr für mich!!!

SYTP ist der echte Deal. Früher habe ich mit den Ultrasshop-Betrügern Geschäfte gemacht, aber jetzt werde ich nie mehr gehen! Lieferung innerhalb von 1 Tag. Nicht zu glauben!


My package passed customs

No clue how these guys do it, but my package was confiscated at the border. I send email to SYTP, they did a follow-up with the Swedish border patrol, and they litterly cleared my package and send it to my house in Göteborg. I did not believe my eyes.

Jag rekommenderar SYTP till alla från Sverige! Otrolig!!

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