Smoke 1

The Smoke 1 hand smoke flare is the cheapest one we have on stock. We have selected it for you because we think you love the specifications! The smoke flare puts out 60 seconds of coloured smoke in pretty high volume. The colours of the smoke are very bright. Of course the famous orange smoke signal is here, but for your purposes we also have a wide array of colours for you to choose from.
Of course also again is this product produced in Europe (CE stamped). Which means this product is legal to own and carry with you in every country of the EU. It’s produced with the easy to use rub ignitor. The Smoke 1 signal is produced for use in hand, but you can throw it as well. This type of hand signal is produced for use on land and therefor is made from tight carton with plastic caps on both sides.
Available colours: Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Black
Smoke time: +/- 60 seconds


Hi mate! The delivery has arrrived. Great service, great pyro and super fast. Certainly going to buy more!


This product is not the best one...

The amount of smoke wasn't that much, we had several of Smoke 1, but Smoke 2 and 3 was way better!

Package came real fast, but next time we will order other products!


Shipping to England went great!

I ordered some on the first week of this website before the Brexit. I am waiting untill they can ship again because delivery went like a charm.

Hope you guys can deliver these amazing products again soon to the UK!

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