FAQ – Frequently asked questions


Currently we do only sell to EU countries, excluding Cyprus and Malta. We do research in each and every country to make sure our product is legal. Next to that due to the curious nature of our product we can’t send everywhere we want. This means that some regions and countries are not available. Is your country not available? In that case we do not sell and/or ship to your location. Sorry.

Check available countries here.

You receive tracking information as soon as your package has left our warehouse. With this tracking information you get the latest status updates.

This totally depends on the location where you live. As soon as we receive the payment your package will be shipped. Usually the delivery term is about 3 to 4 days. This is an estimate. Because of the curious nature of the product we sell it can be possible that issues occur during shipping. In this case delivery will take several weeks to months. We have a fair-waiting policy of three months. We need full cooperation from the customer side to make good things happen. If within three months the package does not arrive we offer 100% money back guarantee.

Payments & Legal

Yes it is! For every country we ship our packages we did research about the regulations in that country. For obvious reasons we can’t tell you what regulations we checked, but the way we do business is special. Different from others so we would like to keep our company secrets, a secret. However what we can tell you is this; If any trouble with your package comes about we will solve it. If we can’t solve it we give a 100% money back guarantee.

To be fair: you can. Regulations on this matter are made at the local level, which means that every city and town has it’s own regulations. It’s unable for us to check them all. So this means; if you use our product in a manner or at a time that is was not intended then the answer is yes; you can get into problems with local government. So please be advised. Use our product wisely and according to all regulations.

We have various ways of payment, Paypal, Creditcard and Bank wire. All of these are fine with us. It’s important for you to know that we only ship orders that are paid in full.

Banktransfer payment can take up to five working days. Please note this is the slowest way of payment. We ship when the order is paid. If you want to go fast; use PayPal.


We offer full refunds for packages that do not arrive. We do have three criteria that need to be matched;

  1. We need to be notified as soon as possible if something is wrong during shipping.
  2. We have an obligated waiting period of 3 months. Due to the curious nature of our product it can happen the packages gets a long delay at one or several borders. The package is 100% legal, but not every customs worker or officer of the law knows all regulations.
  3. We need your full cooperation if something strange happens with the package. This includes your patience.

Sorry, since all shipped packages are custom fitted for each customer it’s impossible to return an order.