The Movement


You might be wondering; “what is #SAYYESTOPYRO”? And why are we a movement? Well… Think about a group of normal guys with different nationalities from all parts of Europe with the same passion. Does it sound like a movement to you?

Our movement is build on the following key-stones and believes (in order of importance)

  • Bring joy to the world with Light & Smoke
  • Pyrotechnics are for everybody and anybody
  • Safety and secure, we want everybody to be as safe as possible
  • Distribution of High-Quality Pyrotechnics according to regulations
  • Fast secure delivery all over Europe (1-4 days) and next the world
  • Quality & Quantity discounts for groups (send us an e-mail

How to join the movement

It’s easy for you to join our movement. We don’t really care if you are a customer or not. We care about the idea that pyro is for everybody. We want to bring joy and happiness into the world with a keen eye to safety. Nobody likes to be unsafe and unsecure. It’s a keystone of life itself to feel comfortable. That’s why our main mission is to get emergency flares and lighting to everybody in the world so they might use it in situations they seem fit.

Stay in touch with #SAYYESTOPYRO

Join us

To join our movement is as simple as adding the #sayyestopyro to your profile name. It’s as simple as posting a nice picture of a situation you secured with the same #. It’s as simple as sending us your best pictures and video’s. Really, we care about your stories. Because together we are the movement.

Now the only question we have left is do you Say Yes To Pyro?

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