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1. The online store SayYesToPyro.com is owned by the SAY YES TO PYRO situated in Bialystok, Poland – later on described as the Store.

Company information:

Rzemieślnicza 30/46
15-773 Białystok, Poland
NIP PL5423408780
Bank account: PL71 1020 1332 0000 1002 1259 1360

2. A person or a company that has placed an order via Internet or by phone is described later on as a Customer.

3. The Store is in the right to introduce changes to these regulations. The rules are in force from the moment they have been published on the Stores website.

4. The Store is obliged to keep the information that we learned from our Customers secret. We use the information that you provide for such purposes as fulfilling the orders, responding to Customers requests and communicating with you. We do not share the information about our Customers with any third parties willingly.

5. The Store has the right to withdraw products from the offer and/or to change their price without showing any reasons.

6. The Store has the right to refuse fulfilling an order in case it arises suspicion, e.g. an e-mail address and/or a telephone number is missing and as a result it is impossible to confirm an order. The same concern a situation when the information about Customer is incomplete.

7. The prices of all products that are included in the Store are presented in Euro currency and are final prices. This means these are gross prices including all taxes (e.g. VAT – value added tax). The Customer will not get any additional charge or billing.

8. Customers who wish to achieve an invoice are entitled to ask the Store to issue an invoice for purchased products without a Customers signature.

9. For B2C Customers the invoices are issued automatically if their name and Tax Identification Number (e.g. NIP in Poland) are provided with the order. It’s impossible to receive an B2C invoice after the order arrives.

10. Please contact the Store in case of any questions and doubts.

1. To purchase an order with the Store, the Customer clarifies to be of legal age; over 18 years old.

2. To purchase an order the Customer clarifies and accepts that all products bought will not be used in an illegal or irresponsible manner. Furthermore the Customers clarifies to not break any laws in their country and/or any other countries.

3. A deal is transacted as soon as the Customer has added the products to the shopping cart and confirmed the order. The placement of the purchase order is considered equivalent to an acceptance of the Store Rules and Regulations.

4. In the online Store, Customers are enabled to place an order around the clock, seven days per week and all year round. The Store accepts all orders, however shipping of orders occurs on business day schedule.

5. Since these products are of pyrotechnical nature it’s impossible to test the products before shipping. All though all products are produced according to the highest standards, between production and use is a long road. Therefor the Customer on purchase admits he understands that the product bought is untested, and as such if fully responsible for successful operation of the product.

6. After having placed an order the Customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail or by phone. It is impossible to cancel an order that has already been confirmed.

7. The purchase orders are fulfilled in the order of placement and in the order of final payment receiving on the bank account of the Store.

8. The final payment is calculated based on the prices of purchased products, shipping rates or cash on delivery charges. The product prices presented on the Store do not include delivery or cash on delivery costs, which are covered by the Customer.

9. If any products in Customers order prove to be currently out of stock we will contact the Customer by e-mail or by phone. In the same time we will inform the Customer about the delivery delays resulting from the temporary unavailability of the products ordered.

10. It’s Customers responsibility to carry out the good vibes and feeling of the Store and the Say Yes To Pyro movement in particular. In the event of violation customer agrees to pay an immediately imposed fine of 1000 euro’s by the Store, and 500 euro’s for every day the violation continues.

11. The Store hereby prohibits anyone and all to place an order who’s goal it is to discover inner-workings of the Store and/or produce bad publicity for the Store and/or cause any kind or form of negative trouble for the Store. On purchase customer agrees to this condition, and agrees in the event of violation of an immediately imposed fine of 2000 euro’s by the Store, and 1000 euro’s for every day the violation continues and/or effects of the violation are felt by the Store.

1. The Store recognizes the importance of protecting the products the Customer has ordered during the shipment. Therefore we care for a proper packaging so that items are delivered in a perfect condition.

2. In case of choosing cash on delivery as payment method the Customer is obliged to pay for the products on delivery.

3. All orders are shipped via UPS. The Store clarifies that all products bought are legal in all EU countries and the package you will receive is shipped according to all international regulations and company rules set by shipping company.

1. In case of any problems and complaints please contact the Store immediately.

2. The Customer should unpack delivery in the presence of a representative of a shipment company. If the mechanical damages of products (resulting from transportation) have been noticed, please draw up a protocol signed both by the Customer and a representative of a shipping company. Only with such a protocol the Store will admit Customers complaint on the products damages that occurred during the shipment. Otherwise you should submit complaint to the shipping company rather than to the Store.

3. The returned items should not be damaged, opened if in original packaging, used or incomplete. The Store is allowed to decline Customers return or restitution if any or all of these instructions are ignored.

4. The Customers are guaranteed to have their products exchanged or their money returned (in the amount of product price) in case their complaint is recognised as substantiated and the damages occurred as a result of unproper operations of the Store.

5. After the Customers complaint have been accepted, money is paid on the Customer’s account or is returned within up to 14 workdays. The packaging cost and the shipment charges for returned products are payed by the Customer.

6. The cash on delivery parcels are not accepted for returns by the Store.

7. The complaints that concern products bad packaging, leakages, splits ect. are accepted only under condition that the Customers have collected their delivery no later than one day after it arrived.